3. Settling In

2018.07.20  Today my mission was to learn my way around Central Oxford and to enjoy this lovely hotel. I have two more days here before moving to the austerity of a college dorm.  First up was breakfast in the hotel dining room. The phrase “Full English Breakfast” on the menu caught my eye and I thought perhaps I should try it – for the experience.  Then I read the description:  pork sausage, cured back bacon, black pudding, grilled plum tomatoes, flat cap mushrooms, potato fritter, baked beans, and free range eggs.

I found an image of a Full English Breakfast that matches this description.  Looks a bit heavy to me.

Full English Breakfast

So I opted for the sausage roll instead.

Sausage Roll


It was quite good.  You Baylor and Waco people may notice that it is quite similar to my usual order at Vitek’s.  Except it came with Grey Poupon instead of BBQ sauce and cost three times more.  Sweet tea?  Nope!

Next task was to slay the geography dragon.  New plan.  Download step by step directions instead of trying to follow the interactive map, and use a compass app.  BINGO!

I found Exeter College easily. It’s across the street from Jesus College and next door to Lincoln College. All Souls College is around the corner while The Queen’s College is a couple of blocks away.  These are thirty-three more, and all of them comprise The University of Oxford.  Each one I have seen so far consists of a green completely enclosed by walls and buildings with several points of entry through very large and in some cases unmarked gates.  Exeter College is built around such a green.  Sadly it’s not very green.  I’m including a stock internet image alongside one I took yesterday.

Exeter College                    Exeter College Live

Internet stock photo.                                                      Actual photo today

I repeat.  Hottest, driest summer in 100 years.  Hmmmmmmm.

Across the street from Exeter is Blackwell’s Bookstore.  It’s imposing, beautiful, and must have most of the books in the world worth reading.  It’s most impressive feature, though, is its staff.  I showed one of them my reading list, from which I wanted to select three books. He knew them all and had read all but one.  (Sara Howard, one of them was The Periodic Table!)


Blackwell’s Booksellers

After the bookstore adventure I enjoyed some time at the hotel spa.  I rarely indulge in spa treatments.  However, after the physical and emotional strain of packing up the house my family has lived in for the last eighteen years and moving to a new one (which immediately preceded my departure for England) I decided some pampering was in order.  Then it was time for tea.  I opted for the celebration menu.





One thought on “3. Settling In

  1. Truly a fabulous day of exploration and discovery! So glad you enjoyed your few days of adapting to the new time and location!


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